Betworld Review

Betworld Sports Review

About the Company:

Betworld is one of the promising sport betting sites online nowadays. With its great deals and attractive offers, many aren’t able to resist the temptation to give it a try. Just like any other popular betting sites, Betworld is widely known for its wide variety of sports and games that their clients can bet on and huge jackpot prizes and bonuses. Aside from that, it  also has an online casino and live casino for those people who favoured casino games.



As one of the rising sport betting sites online, Betworld has made sure to provide their clients the best of its services through the following features:

  • Wide range of sports and games
  • The company takes pride in giving its clients the wide selection of sports and games online. With over 50 sports and 150,000 events to bet on every year, this company surely is serious in getting on top of the game. From all types of championships, tournaments, leagues, and any other sports that people could possibly bet on, Betworld has always got it covered. Some of its popular events are UEFA Europa league, the Primera Division in Spain, UEFA Champions League, and many more.
  • Online Casino
  • One of the best things about the company is its versatility when it comes to live betting and games choices. They understand that not all people are into sports betting alone; some are more interested in making money out of casino games. This prompt Betworld to launch its own online casino for all their casino players worldwide.
  • Live Casino and All live betting

Because the demands in live betting have significantly increased, Betworld has made sure that they are not outdated and left behind when it comes to innovation and updates. They added the features of live casino and all live betting so that all their clients can bet whenever time they want and wherever they are in the world.

Given all these fuzz that surround the company, this article also aim to reveal both the pros and cons that every client should know about before deciding to register and create an account.


  • It has a comprehensive sports betting portfolio
  • As mentioned above, Betworld has a wide selection of sports and games that their  clients can take advantage of. Furthermore, what makes this company rise among others is the fact that their sports betting portfolio is well-planned and comprehensive. Their clients can easily see that this is no ordinary betting company who only aims to profit; it is a company that aims to provide their clients the best betting services online.
  • It has a various payment methods

This is a company that understands the importance of convenience and security in  online betting. For this reason, they have partnered with reliable money transfer group to ensure that money are transferred and received accordingly. Some of its payment methods include credit card, bank transfer, wallet, voucher, and prepaid card.

  • It offers welcome bonus and other types of bonuses
  • All betting companies know that welcome bonus is a great factor to attract potential clients, but not all companies offer other type of bonuses to its loyal clients. Betworld shows its gratitude to its loyal clients through offering them amazing bonuses such as loyalty bonus casino which is 50% up to 100 Euro, a money back guarantee of 25 Euro for betting on the top game of the month, and their casino-cash-back weekend which gives 50 Euro to some selected top slot games.


  • It has no live chat option in online casino
  • Although Betworld has its live betting and live casino as some of its popular features, many are not satisfied because of its lack of live chat option.
  • It has limited language options

Looking through the company’s sports betting portfolio,i t is evident that they cover a lot of international games across the world, but it is unfortunate to take note that most of its language options are only limited to European languages. This is seen as a disadvantage for the company’s clients in other parts of the world.

Final Verdict:

Betworld is a betting company who strive to provide what is best for its client. It is obviously evident with all the features the company has to offer. Although the company has its own flaws and cons, these are not major setbacks and can easily be resolved if given the chance. Overall, as a company that has made quite a good impression, it deserves a 4 out of 5 rating. Betworld is indeed a betting site all avid bettors should definitely try.


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