10Bet Review

10bet review

About the company:

10Bet is a well-established international online sport betting site that has surfaced on the internet in 2003. It gives their users, whether the frequent ones or those who just got in the game, an easy betting experience with their simple and easy to operate layout and excellent services. As of this point, they serve over 90 countries and are dedicated to giving their customers the most excellent and earliest betting odds daily.

Running under the license of Curacao, 10Bet assures that they only offer safe, secured, and highly regulated betting experience for their bettors. With that, it is rest assured that no fraud and selling or passing of any of the bettor’s identity will happen under their company.

The site mainly focuses on sports and less frequently on card games, which is perfect for those who wish not to get distracted by casino games. However, few casino games are still offered for those who wish to play the aforementioned.



From the largest league down to the smallest ones, 10Bet can provide their registered users the game they desire to bet with the website’s large selection of leagues. Whether you are a major fan of baseball, table tennis, soccer, or other well-known sports, 10Bet can provide their users with the kind of sport they desire.

While most people practice the usual betting style, some users prefer new and unusual ones, and that is one of the several features 10Bet can provide their users with. They have exclusive bet styles, which is only practiced on their website. The more interesting betting style it is, the better and more enticing it is to experience.

Regardless how wide the betting selections are, if the mode of payment gives users a huge headache, they would simply back out and look for other bet sites that give a better and smoother transaction. In 10Bet, however, they certainly make sure that their users are free from hassle when processing their transactions. Not only that but they also give their users several payment methods, which can be an advantage for most users.


  • Users can get to choose the live format of their choice; the one that is comfortable for them to have a much better live betting experience.

  • Viewing the bets is not a problem with its nice layout.
  • There is a wide selection of leagues for users to choose from.

  • They have an outstanding mobile responsive website.

  • Depositing money is fast and easy.

  • They have a user-friendly mobile app for those who have no access to laptops or computers.

  • Accessible and approachable customer support.


  • The website don’t have live streaming.

  • They don’t have horseracing markets or odds.

  • Their sign-up bonus is high.

  • Only selected countries have horseracing as part of their offer.

  • Card games are not well focused; though it can be considered as a pro for some bettors.

  • It takes time for them to release bonuses.

Final verdict:

Though it has an excellent layout for bettors and a wide variety of sports betting option to choose from, the site still has some issues to fix like the inclusion of horseracing for all countries and a live stream for bettors to see.

Since it focuses mainly on sports, sports-enthusiast bettors will surely love their sites with its wide selection of leagues to choose from. For experienced bettors, figuring out how their layout works seem easy, while for the novices, they will have to spend some time learning the site and how their available options work. For casino enthusiasts, however, 10Bet is not the perfect place for them to stay since they only offer few card games.

In times of trouble and confusion, bettors can easily reach their customer service through e-mail and wait for 18 hours for verification; though it is not as fast as expected, but generally, their customer service is good and reliable.

Overall, 10Bet is a good betting platform for those who wish to place their bets of their favorite games online. Despite the flaws and some cons stated by some bettors, it is still one of the most trusted and user-friendly betting site available online.


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