Betsson Review

betsson review

About the company:

Betsson is a wide-ranging, first-class Swedish company that offers online gambling games and products in a safe, user-friendly online gaming environment.

Betsson offers gambling products and games like scratch cards, bingo, casino, live casino, poker, Sportsbook and sports betting. Most of the company’s products and games such as scratch cards, bingo, casino, Betsson poker by Ongame and by Microgaming, and Sportsbook are all operated by BML Group Ltd., the BML Group Company, granted by the license of Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) under the Remote Gaming Regulations RGR.

Betsson Poker can be played in two ways: Betsson Poker by Ongame and Betsson Poker by Microgaming. Both are operated BML Group Ltd., but the former is powered by Ongame Network Ltd, while the latter is powered by Microgaming. Ongame Network Ltd is a leading provider of online and mobile poker software solutions, which holds a network license released by the Gibraltar Government. Microgaming is an online poker service which uses poker software.

Poker and Casino-in-Poker games are now available on Malta Microgaming Poker Network under the license of class 4. Evolution Gaming operates the live casino games.

BML Group Ltd. Owns and operates



Betsson has all the necessary licenses to ensure the safety and convenience of all gamers and gamblers. The company understands that apart from the quality of gaming and gambling, comfortability is also an important factor which members find very necessary. Betsson offers a wide range of first-class online gambling products and games in a safe and user-friendly gaming environment.

Furthermore, Betsson helps members learn how to be responsible in gaming and gambling. The company uses player protection tools like tools for blocking or temporarily closing accounts to be able to set limits and boundaries in gaming and gambling.

Betsson Sportsbook has more than 4000 sports betting channels with exceptional features. For in-play betting, Betsson is ready with live betting products. Players can in-play with countless betting opportunities. Other features include markets that keep members on track with correct scores, total goals, send-offs, and next team to score.

Betsson lets players play just about every casino game there is – from table games, to blackjack, to roulette, to slot machines, to video slots, to videopoker, to minigames, and many other casino games.

In terms of the game Poker, Betsson makes playing poker anywhere online possible. It offers a massive number of poker opportunities. Players can join tournaments and avail promotions. Betsson offers just about every popular poker game there is on the internet – from Texas Hold’em to Omaha and more.

It helps players control gaming decisions. Betsson uses many tools to control the gaming decisions of players and gamblers, as playing and gambling can be addictive. The company encourages the members to be responsible enough on every decision they can make on the site, keeping them guided in the right perspective of risking their time and money.

The company also prevents unhealthy gaming behavior. Betsson also helps players set their own gaming and gambling limits and boundaries. Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) is one of the agencies that help the company prevent unhealthy gaming behaviors and promote responsible gaming habits.

Most importantly, it gives professional help and advice. Betsson understands that there can be plenty of problems that players and gamblers can make on the site. The company doesn’t leave their clients alone with their problems. Betsson’s support team gives helpful pieces of advice and even offers professional help when necessary.



  • Has all the necessary licenses and security
  • Betsson has all the necessary licenses and security every gaming and gambling site must have. The following are the licenses the company has been approved with:
  • Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority under the Remote Gaming Regulations
  • Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4)
  • Lloyds TSB, Raiffeisen Bank, and SEB
  • PCI Compliant
  • VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer)


  • Malta can lose valuable people.

Final Verdict:

Gaming and gambling can be a very risky venture every person can undertake, but with the right company, the risks can become opportunities. Betsson is  the right company.


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