Coral Sports Review

Coral Sports Review

About the company:

Coral Sport is a betting company that is a branch of the Gala Coral Group. The company focuses on online sports betting under the name of Coral Sport. Being under the website, it holds one of the biggest online and mobile betting brands in the entire United Kingdom. The company is known for being in the industry for many years already and is known for servicing customers around certain countries in Europe and giving them opportunities to bet and gamble with higher possibilities of winning.

Today, Coral delves into the mobile business by expanding their application to allow mobile usage as well in order to reach the mobile users. The group behind Coral Sport, Gala Coral, operates their e-commerce business primarily in the United Kingdom as well as Italy. In the sports betting industry, they are known to be one of the dominant market leaders in the entire United Kingdom.



The website itself has a lot of features that would appeal to those who love to bet. The primary service that the website of Coral offers is sports betting. The sports betting section allows users to bet on the teams of many different sports like tennis, basketball, football or baseball. All information used on the website are updated and accurate. One of the most popular features of this website is its bet in play feature. The bet in play feature allows users to bet on their teams after the game has already started. You can bet on your preferred team while they are playing. Coral will also provide accurate information about the game in real time, so you know how to place your bets.

Aside from the sports betting, one of the secondary features of the website is the online casino. The online casino of Coral includes the classic casino games such as a slot machine, roulette, and bingo. There are also other games that can be found there for the entertainment of the users. Included on the website is the Coral poker option which allows you to play poker with other people on the website. There is also a Coral lottery which allows players to have another chance of winning more money.

The most popular feature of the website is the Coral Mobile application which users can access using their smartphones.


  • Has Live Sports Betting Platform
  • Has Accurate Real Time Bet In Play Information
  • Has Many Different Sports to Bet on
  • Has Practical Mobile Betting Application
  • Includes Many Different Other Betting Games Like Poker, Slots, Roulette, etc.
  • Includes a Lottery Opportunity
  • Has a Priority Program for VIPs
  • Has Efficient Priority Program Where Priority Points Measures Your Status
  • Includes Free Bets per Sign Up


  • No Live Customer Service Chat Option
  • No Corporate Email Given

Final Verdict:

The final verdict for the company is that it is quite a good platform if you are an avid gambler. Sports betting happens to be one of the most popular forms of gambling especially in Europe where sports is very much watched and loved by the people. Due to this, sports gamblers everywhere place bets on their favorite teams because they love the sport and can make extra money on the side. Coral has one of the best information databases for sports betting in Europe because all the information that is placed on the website for both in play betting and regular betting are accurate and updated. Furthermore, Coral makes betting easier for people who are away from their computers by providing the mobile application wherein users can just use their phones to make bets. Aside from sports betting, there are also many other games wherein users can make money too. One of the biggest advantages of Coral Sport is the free bets per sign up. By signing up with 5 euros, users can get 20 euros worth of free bets.

The only downside of the website is its customer service. There is no email given nor is there a live customer support chat. The only way to contact the company is through the telephone number and a feedback form which makes it challenging if you have a technical or customer service related problem.

However, putting that aside, the pros do outweigh the cons as the platform is generally good and can provide sports gamblers a lot of opportunities to earn some cash.


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