Expekt Review


About the Company:

Expekt.Com Ltd is a popular online gaming company with almost 2 million registered customers. This pan-European online gaming company which has about  150 employees is located in Gzira, Malta. It was established in 1999 by Christian Haupt and Conny Gesar, who were both Swedish Entrepreneur.



Expekt features different sports betting, poker, casino games and bingo. It also offers pool betting. Other exciting features offered are the live streaming sports. It has 23 languages for the benefit of their customers coming from all parts of the world. It can also be paid in many different ways, including credit/debit cards.

Some of the popular esports online games that have dominated the minds and time of adults and children are Starcraft 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, and  League of Legends.

Aside from playing exciting online games, you can also bet on esports at Expekt by following some of the simple rules or instructions. To get started, you just have to press “Sports” and “Odds. After which you will be directed to the e-sports category. The latest games that you can place your bets are the League of Legends, DotA2, Starcraft 2 and CS GO.

Esports bets can also be done on your mobile devices like Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Nokia, and Sony by downloading the app. This app allows you to bet wherever you are.

Aside from placing your bets on different sports, you can also bet on political events, martial arts, motor sports and a lot more. Expekt also allows you to play and bet on Casino and Poker.

Other exciting features offered by Expect is the live betting where they have multiple matches in different sports.


Many customers go the Expekt.Com to take chances to win and to enjoy the fun and excitement of playing and betting online games. There are many pros or advantages that you can get in playing  Expekt such as:

  • Expekt has a good reputation and history when you talk about an online game.
  • Expekt games are unique and can only be played at Expekt.
  • There are many games and world sports offered by Expekt. This gives you a wider selection to choose what’s best for you.
  • Expekt odds are higher compared to the other international bookmakers on the market.
  • Expekt offers superstore or supertoto and allows you to bet on the 14 European matches.
  • Expekt allows you to have 20 bets in just one betting slip. The more bets you have, the greater your chances of winning.
  • Customers need not worry how to deposit or withdraw money because Expekt offers many deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Any withdrawals are made free of any charges.
  • Expekt secures all information and transaction conducted between the Expekt and their customers.

Expekt is easy to navigate because it has all the important buttons that will lead you where you want to go. This helps you find the perfect match that you want to bet. The press “Sport” or “Esports” buttons allows you to look at and gain access to other more exciting sports and games.              


After considering all the different features and the advantages of Expekt, you can now look into the disadvantages or the negative effects that Expekt can bring into your life or your daily activities. Some of these cons are:

  • Expekt don’t have telephone support
  • Deposits made through credit cards are charged
  • Expekt does not work in some countries.
  • The Expekt’s bonus will depend on your location. But all bonuses will work on your country. To help you keep track of the bonuses that are available in your locality be sure to navigate to “My Account” then to bonuses.

Verdict/ Conclusion

Expekt is a reliable company where you can place your bet safely. It is a company where you can find total entertainment and fun.

Expekt can hit two birds with one stone. It can give you a chance to win or double the money you bet. It also allows you to enjoy playing online games and sports. Expekt is risk-free. It is also a popular sportsbook.                                       


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