Goldbet Review

goldbet review

About the company

Goldbet is one of the leading online bookmakers in Europe because of its vast betting opportunities and some active customers. It was founded in 2000 and licensed under the Austrian Law by the Government of Tirol. Due to its good management, high technology and the presence of very competitive odds, Goldbet can provide a safer online gambling environment where many of its players enjoy their profits and incentives. This Austrian bookmaker company operates across several European countries. It is subjective to Austrian authorities and audit for their customers’ protection in the online gambling industry. It also provides various banking options for their customers in their deposits and withdrawals. They use Euros as their main currency, and their deposit and withdrawal options can be bank transfer, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Skrill.



Goldbet is a financially stable and established online bookmaker company. It is transparent to its audit to guarantee economic stability and high quality of service to its players. Furthermore, it has a solid customer service and support for its consumers regarding their concerns and inquiries. Goldbet also advocates responsible gambling for consumer protection and social responsibility. It has developed policies and procedures to help its customers avoid social and financial problems from online gambling. It also gives a chance for its players to personalize their playing style to limit their gambling spending if needed.

Goldbet offers several betting opportunities for its customers covering sports, live betting, Goldbet racing, casino, media live casino, live casino, and many others. Its sports betting includes a large variety of sports events such as soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsport, baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, rugby, football, golf, handball, cycling, boxing and many more. Goldbet racing is popular for its horse racing and dog racing betting events. For its media live casino, it gives its players a chance to win over popular games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Goldbet provides its customers up to 120% bonuses on their multiple bets. It also offers various promotions such as cash backs, jackpots and special treatments and incentives for those who belong to the Diamond Club. Furthermore, customers can do their online gambling by just using their mobile devices. With their mobile devices, they can do their betting, receive updates on their events and markets and enjoy the live commentary on various gambling events.


  • Very high odds
  • Company website is organized and easy to navigate
  • Live betting is sometimes possible
  • Accessible customer service via live chats
  • Several years of experience in online gambling and bookmaker industry
  • Financially and economically stable in European countries
  • Licensed online bookmaker in Austria
  • Its company website is offered in 9 different languages


  • Low betting limits for its players
  • Few promotions and incentives in online betting sometimes
  • Sporting events are limited
  • Odds are given in limited number of markets
  • Live streaming is not offered sometimes

Final verdict

Goldbet is one of the leading and successful online gambling companies in Europe. Its company website is very well sorted out. Its site makes it easy and convenient for its players to do their gambling. Its sports events cover a wide range of different sports. It also offers racing and casino. Thus, its customers are given a wide range of gambling opportunities. This bookmaker is licensed and subjective to Austrian authorities and audits for consumer protection and social responsibility. Its financial system and customer personal data system are transparent and accurate. Bonuses and promotions are also given to its players especially during multiple betting.

The most notable characteristic of this company is its advocacy to responsible gambling for its customers. They are helping and developing policies and measures to prevent the players from making unwise gambling decisions that could lead to financial and social problems. Indeed, this is a great way to protect the players from possible financial problems while enjoying the pleasure of online gambling with the hopes of acquiring large profits from their bets. This is a good characteristic on the part of a company under the online gambling industry since this trait increases the possibility of success for both the consumers and the business. This may increase chances of satisfaction on the part of the customers; hence, they will be willing to add more bets and the company will also be benefited in return.